Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Persona non grata

I've got kennel koff, which is reeelie weird as I have never heard my kennl koff so I don't know how I caught it. Until I have been free of coughing for 2 weeks ma says neiver me or the others are allowed to go to any dog shows or training. Not fair, we have missed an Obedience show already and it was to be my first. Ma says although people and dogs like to be given things I wouldn't be popular if I gave my kennel koff away. There are some compensations though, I get a teaspoon of honey twice a day and natural yogurt. Me da, Jaro, had to get in on the act and he got the koff as well but wasn't as bad as mine (he stopped koffing last week) so I get more honey and yogurt hee hee hee.
Vet says I have only got to have short walks, no more than 45 minutes a day - HELLO I have a koff, none of my legs are effected!!!!
I try to pretend I am iller than I reeelie I am but when there is a toy around I forget myself and have a great game. Ma said that if she had meant to put the toys in with the dishwasher she would have put them there herself - she said my help is NOT needed (funny how she raised her voice when she said not)
Spose I better go to bed now as I intend to have a busy day tomorrow. It will be on a need to know basis - when ma needs to know she will find out ha h ha ha.
Byeeeeeeeeeee koff koff - any chance of some honey ma?

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